Blog Post #3

The Hamilton Federalists belief that the “wealthy  and well educated” should run the government is separating the social classes and isn’t showing equality whatsoever! It doesn’t show a correct number of the population because not many people were a.wealthy or b.well educated. That isn’t a good representation of the common American population.
    Jeffersonian belief that common person, if educated, it’s capable of having a say in public affairs is giving all the people a right to a voice. It doesn’t say that you had to be “well-educated”…just educated which more people had. It was a better sense of republicanism because it showed equality within the nation.
     The belief that would be the best for democracy today would be the Jeffersonian way. All people that have education should have a say in what’s going on in their home. The mass population in America is common people and it wouldn’t be fair to not give them a voice. Jeffersonians were about the people for the people. This is needed in the world of democracy today.