Did industrialization cost too much?

The costs of Industrialization were plentiful. There were a major number of deaths in different factories due to the horrid conditions or fires. People became sick and spread diseases and even those killed people. Industrialization even affected the environment negatively and spread disease. Children were forced to work and were often the main victims in deaths and accidents. Even immigrants came and stole jobs from America for less money. The benefits of industrialization were also plentiful. There were faster ways of transportation like street cars and steamboats which enabled trade through different countries and more jobs. It also provided clothes and food for us to eat. However, the costs far outweigh the benefits. Because industrialization created so many great things, people seem to overlook that it hurt America. As I mentioned before,it caused several deaths and accidents. It also caused disease throughout the workplace and the water. It also took away money from Americans because immigrants came to work for less money than Americans. This was one of the hardest times for Americans because they were worked to death with little money and sometimes we’re replaced because of how easily immigrants could be found.


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