A Nation of Drunkards??

Alcohol was a major part of American life before the Prohibition started. On page 7 of Last Call, Daniel Okrent says that “the national taste for alcohol (or–a safer bet– for the effects of alcohol) dated back to the Puritans..” Alcohol, however, began to become a major problems in homes. Men started to come home and abuse their families and they’d even not go to work. This led to the Temperance movement which was set up by former alcoholics who pledged to never drink again. Some of these people fell through on their word and went to secret places to get their alcohol. This led to the ratification of the eighteenth amendment which made the transportation and sale of all alcohol illegal. The main pushers of getting alcohol out of America were women because they got the most repercussions. They protested and got groups together to get alcohol out. Overall, the prohibition and temperance movement gave women plenty of rights but never fully got alcohol, of the evil, out of the land.


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