Blog Post 10: Howard Zinn

Howard Zinns work raises issues about the purpose and significance of studying history because he actually tells us about the situations. He not only gives us the information, facts, and dates, he gives us the feelings of the people. He compares past events to present events like when he talked about the holocaust being almost no different then slavery. He gives his opinions within his writing too, like when he says that America isn’t all about freedom like they say. The benefits to this method is that the people who read his work can actually understand what was happening during the event. He also explains his side so well that it’s a clear picture for the audience to see. The drawbacks to this method is that most historians aren’t seen as people who explicitly tell what they believe, and Zinn does. That might cause some people to not want to read his books. I believe he is right about America during word war II and the Cold War. We didn’t do anything to help the people outside our nation. We also were no different then those nations because we allowed imperialism and racism to still happen from past to present.


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