Which is the true history of WWII: Zinn or the Patriots?

Between Howard Zinns work and the Patriots work, I believe the more accurate one is Howard Zinn. The patriots portray America as the best country with no flaws. They let the corruption and other flaws of America slide because we are suppose to maintain this perfect look of America. With Howard Zinn, he tells everything from the side of the people. Since they didn’t have a voice, Zinn decided to take that into his own hands. He tells his readers of the struggles of the people and what they wanted from the government, the president, and so forth. That makes Zinn more accurate because he is doing something that not many historians do. He gives us a different way to look at history. After reading these two competing histories, I’ve learned that history can be told in different ways or even viewed in different ways. Some people believe that America is the all mighty while others think that it sucks. It just shows different perspectives people see.   


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